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  • Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy Course


    My Baby Led Weaning Made Easy course provides you with all the information you need to start Baby-Led Weaning confidently, without fear or confusion.

    Self-doubt and lack of consistent information can plague us as parents, but I’m here to cut through all that with simple, straightforward advice, leaving you fully equipped to take on this next milestone.

    The course is split into 15 easy-to-digest chapters that you can watch in your own time and at your own pace.

    Alongside the video chapters, there is also a resources folder with free printable tools and access to my Facebook support group for quick answers to questions and queries.

  • How To Stop Fussy Eating Mini-Course With Claire Potter


    This mini-course is ideal for parents looking to prevent the onset of fussy eating and parents looking for solutions to overcome picky eating.

    The course is presented by Claire Potter who is a fussy eating expert and author of Getting The Little Blighters To Eat.

    Key topics:

    ✅ When, why and how fussy eating begins

    ✅ How to prevent fussy eating

    ✅ The golden rule

    ✅ Offering alternatives

    ✅ Sugary and salty foods

    ✅ The key principles

  • Safe Weaning Mini Course


    The biggest concern parents have regarding Baby Led Weaning is choking. Therefore I have enlisted expert help from Kate Ball of Mini First Aid, as seen on Dragon’s Den, to share a detailed mini-course to share knowledge regarding safe weaning and first aid.

    The course will increase your confidence and ensure you feel fully equipped to wean safely without fear or nerves dampening this important milestone in your baby’s life.

    Topics include:

    ✅ Safe eating for babies and young children

    ✅ How to identify choking risks 

    ✅ The difference between choking & gagging

    ✅ The sit, chop, chew rule explained 

    ✅ How to respond to a choking baby 

    ✅ How to respond to a choking toddler or young child (12 months+)