Baby-Led Weaning resources for parents

Hello, Welcome!

Hello, I’m Natalie, mum of three and the creator of Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook. 


As well as Annabelle, who is seven, I also have beautiful twin boys, Alex and Oliver, who are two, and I am married to my lovely husband, Steve. Life is never boring!⠀


When I was first weaning my eldest daughter Annabelle (who had a cows milk protein allergy), I struggled to find recipes the whole family could enjoy that took into account her dietary needs. This was my main driver for developing my recipe app series, educational course and series of resources to help parents every step of the way during Baby-Led Weaning and beyond. 


My recipes are delicious, and my support is easy to follow. 


Thank you all for your ongoing support. It honestly never goes unnoticed or appreciated.


I can’t wait to make your weaning journey a happy, exciting, and stress-free experience. 



Natalie x

The tools you need to make parenting a little easier day to day


Alongside my best-selling Baby Led Weaning Recipes app, I also develop slow cook recipes, lunchbox recipes and recipes for picky eaters to support you with all you need to navigate life as a busy parent.


My busy parent planner helps you combat the heavy mental load we all experience as parents. By writing everything down, your mind can become clear, and you can easily remain organised and in control.

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Baby led weaning made easy course

My Baby Led Weaning Made Easy course provides you with all the information you need to start Baby-Led Weaning confidently, without fear or confusion.


Self-doubt and lack of consistent information can plague us as parents, but I’m here to cut through all that with simple, straightforward advice, leaving you fully equipped to take on this next milestone.


The course is split into 15 easy-to-digest chapters that you can watch in your own time and at your own pace.

Alongside the video chapters, there is also a resources folder with free printable tools and access to my Facebook support group for quick answers to questions and queries.