Baby Led Weaning Made Easy Course by Natalie Peall

Wean with confidence!


Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy

An easy-to-digest course that will remove any fear or confusion surrounding Baby-Led Weaning, allowing you to start weaning your baby confidently.

Baby Led Weaning Made Easy

Learn and grow in confidence in your own time and at your own pace.

It's completely normal to feel apprehensive about Baby-Led Weaning

I was so nervous when I started my first Baby-Led Weaning journey with my eldest, Annabelle, back in 2015.


Back then, there were zero resources and the only support I got from my Health Visitor was a leaflet.

I started weaning Annabelle feeling nervous, stressed and out-of-my depth.


Once I started educating myself and developing easy, budget-friendly recipes the whole family could enjoy – I began to relax and enjoy the experience.


With the knowledge I have to share, you can move into your higher power as a parent and enjoy this incredible experience without fear and doubt.

What's included:

I've covered it all for you, whether it's feeling nervous, fears about choking or confusion about how to start.

One of the benefits of speaking to parents every day of my life is that I get an honest, in-depth insight into their fears, sticking points and what they feel most confused about when it comes to Baby-Led Weaning.


I’ve carefully considered the questions I’m asked frequently and ensured that every single one is covered in this course. I’ve left no stone unturned. Your needs have been my number one priority.


How To Get Started

We start the course by understanding what Baby-Led Weaning really is. Did you know it's the way all babies weaned before the blender?! Then, we discuss all the incredible benefits and the minimal necessities I recommend for BLW that don't cost the earth!

Safe Foods & Preparation

Next, we move on to chapters discussing what foods to avoid or be mindful of, how to serve foods for your baby depending on age safely, and how to get your journey off to the best possible start.

Hurdles & Having Fun!

When you think everything is going well, our kids love to surprise us with a new crazy phase, so I offer solutions to swiftly nip those in the bud. We also focus on making life easier for you in the kitchen with some really handy hacks. Plus, some great, fun ways to get your kids involved in meal prep (which can help prevent picky eating, FYI!)

Bonus Chapters

I’ve called in Fussy Eating expert Claire Potter, who offers a hugely insightful chapter on picky eating and how to combat it should it become a problem. We also have Kate Ball from Mini First Aid (seen on Dragons Den), who shares a detailed webinar about safe eating and choking. These chapters are also available separately as mini-courses.

We're All In This Together

During the course, you will have the opportunity to follow four mums who share a sneak peek into a typical day in their lives. This is a fun way to experience how their babies respond to the different tastes and textures offered, so you are fully prepared for what to expect. Through this element of the course, you will see that weaning really can be lots of fun!

With eduction comes confidence

The Calm, Cool & Collected Parent

Parenthood is full of ups and downs, confusing phases, incredible milestones, joyful moments and conflicting advice – all rolled into one crazy journey. However, one milestone that doesn’t need to be scary or confusing is weaning, and it’s a fact that when you arm yourself with knowledge, you can take action confidently. Here are some key elements the course will teach you:


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The course is 3 hours and 27 minutes in total. This is split into 16 easy-to-digest chapters.

Yes, you will have lifetime access.

Each chapter has own dedicated video, the course is not delivered as one long video. Therefore, it’s easy to skip chapters and refer back to chapters with ease. 

Yes, I can chat on Instagram, or you can get additional support via the Facebook support group. Join the support group here.

An absolutely must for new parents

The course is absolutely brilliant, I was so nervous but the course calmed my nerves and provided all of the information I needed to wean confidently. My little girl is doing great and I feel like I’m smashing it! 

Sarah B.

Not Sure You Need The Full Course?

If you’re already in full swing and don’t need the entire course or have a fully weaned baby, but are struggling with picky eating, then it’s possible to download the Fussy Eating & First Aid Mini Courses separately for just £9.99 each.